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HLL 1986 Huw Lloyd Langton

> The first time
I worked with
Robert Calvert was during the seventies.

Robert had a project called the 'Lord of the Hornets' and organised that Simon King, Lemmy and I record the demos with him.
Lord...Cover This we did; in fact, as far as I know the project got no further due to Robert's mental energies tending to zap from one inspiration to another very quickly. Although, I know certain of the tracks, if not all were released as they were, through whichever label he was involved with at the time.*

[* 'Lord of the Hornets'was in fact released as a single and was later on - in a new recording - included on Calvert's HYPE album in 1982. The original version with HLL on guitar has been re-released on Calvert's FREQ album]

Robert was into army mode at the time, striding around in Kaki's with a cigarette holder dangling from his mouth.

I thought it a shame he didn't finish the project, as it was highly amusing and inspired such is life!

Calvert + Lloyd Langton - 'Seacon' gig
Various other points of musical involvement include the situations you mention already Knut, i.e. the Sci-Fi Convention (which was totally electronically based, myself playing only my synth (Roland Guitar) and Ramsgate, where he joined the (at that time) regular line up of Hawkwind.

I also seem to recall talk of Robert rejoining us (Hawkwind) shortly before he died, certainly Dave [Brock]and he were going to get together to do some writing.

Many times he would get up on stage at Hammersmith, during a 'Hawkwind' Tour; one time unfortunately, a bout of fisticuffs erupted between himself and a certain M. Moorcock, which Marion (the wife), being only 5 foot nothing, had to step in and break up. Obviously down to differences in the genius talents.
God Bless them both.

All the best - Huw

> taken from an interview © by Lee Broughton (thank you)

Robert was an out and out eccentric - but he was a lovely bloke. I don't think that I ever got a bad impression of him.
He was definitely eccentric and a little bit loopy.
He'd go through different phases. He'd be a colonel in the British Army at one point and whatever the next and so he definitely did, sort of like, waver a bit in his ideas.
But he was a very talented man.

It's very sad that he went as he did, that young in life. <

Though Huw Lloyd Langton and Robert Calvert were both long-time members of Hawkwind, they were never part of the same line-up... - but, the did play together when Calvert showed up for the occasional guest-spot - which could (still) turn every Hawkwind gig into a 'mindblowing experience' - as witnessed by Trevor Hughes...

Gig Review Hawkwind + Robert Calvert guesting
| Ramsgate | Marina Park | 28th May 1984 |
- © by Trevor Hughes

Hawkwind played an amazing one-off-gig at Ramsgate's Marina Park as special guest + top band at the end of a 3-day 'Battle Of The Bands' competition, with Nik Turner being the judge!
It was all relatively un-promoted, and Robert Calvert joined the band for this one gig on the Southcoast, one of the best gigs I've witnessed in the past few.years. Taking tbe stage at about 10pm and playing 'til well after midnight. They opened with 'Coded Languages' & 'Angels of Death'.

Ramsgate - Rehearsals Calvert was playing a small synth unit, dressed in black trenchcoat, red scarf and black beret, with Dave to the far right, thrashing out chords.
Harvey Bainbridge and Huw Lloyd Langton were far-left keeping things together with drummer Clive, and Dead Fred was adjacent to Bob, playing a larger keyboard. He also played violin.
Nik runs on, blasting sax through the monitors unaware that it's not. coming out the P.A. Everyone carries on playing and as the number:draws to a finish, Nik grabs a vocals mike and shoves the sax over it, straining a climax on a lengthy unheard solo.

Suddenly, all you heard was sax, and the raptuous applause from the thousand or so fans present. The full light: show was very impressive, projected onto the band and cliffs above, and the whole gig seemed surreal and reminiscent of a Stonehenge gig.

'Dragons & Fables' & 'Watching The Grass Grow' followed, then the hypnotic 'Ghost Dance' The 'Countdown' cued Bob to take the lead vocals stagecentre for a fantastic Born To Go, and the 7-piece went mad. Bob chanted 'We were born to go' sixteen times, and the mantra must have hit him as much as it hit us.
Metamorphosing into 'Paranoia', Huw's lead slows down and Bob reads the Ten Seconds Of Forever, ever-slower, until the beat is so slow that even Bob seems to strain. lt was very .effective and seemed to become the ten minutes of eternity - very weird.

Nik, then took the lead and welcomed us to 'Utopia'. He had a stunning fluorescant day-glo luminous sort of skin-tight psychedelic suit on which combined with the strobes/lights/liquid to give incredible visual hallucinations.
Nik took us to 'Motorway City', where Bob takes over and then explodes into space with Ejection'. Excellent vocals take the song to Mars, where the tempo slows a bit and Uncle Sam takes over. Calvert lets rip, gold megaphone in one hand and HW Iyric book in the other, whispering, speaking and singing the vocals like he always has, backed with conviction. Visually I was transfixed. lt was too much.

Nik takes the lead vocals for a medley of 'Brainstorm', Sonic Attack, 'The Island and the climax of 'Brainstorm'. Throughout, Bob echoed vocals and the band played flat out until gone midnight, when they left the stage. Everyone screamed for an encore.

Calvert guesting with HW / Ramsgate, 1984

A few minutes later, the band emerged to play an incredible encore of The Right Stuff (from Calvert's solo album Captain Lockheed...) Spirit of the Age & Silver Machine. Until the encore, I'd felt that Bob had been holding back. slightly, not too over-the-top, but now, he just let rip, screaming, 'I don't feel fear or panic, nothing brings me down...'

lt all sounded as good as on the album ten years previous, different but full of energy and emphasis. Bob needed the HW Lyric book for guidance through Spirit of the Age, which he spoke softly (at times) through the megaphone. Nik announces 'Master of the Universe, to then add, 'Er, we don't know 'Master' so we'll play Silver Machine instead. 'Oh no', thouht I, but even this was really good, and a nice ending to a mindblowing gig! - © by Trevor Hughes

[source-material of live-photos © Oz Hardwick - THANKS]

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