Robert Calvert

Lemmy - live at a reunion gig w. Hawkwind; 2002 Lemmy Kilmister

> To me, Bob,
you will always be
the man who threw crockery at Viv Stanshall, stabbed me with a sword onstage at Wembley Arena, and the man I knew as Raving Rupert.

Blow your bloody bugle till I get there. <

When being asked by Roy Dunn: "Do you ever see Bob Calvert these days?", Lemmy replied:
"Only in the Funny Farm - he is the only bastard I know who is crazier than me!!"
"He then related the Viv Stanshall incident to me with pleasure"!!

Another snippet of Lemmy on Robert Calvert, taken from an interview in the 'Kerrang' magazine, Feb. 1999:
Q: Acid seemed to lead to a lot of, er, experimental dressing?
Lemmy: Oh, yeah, there was a lot of that! When Hawkwind played Wembley Stadium, Robert Calvert came onstage in a witch's hat with a trumpet and sword. After the second song he attacked me with the sword, so I belted him around the head with my bass and he went away and tortured someone else.

- And here's an "anecdote" featuring Robert Calvert and Lemmy - told by Robert Calvert himself: Calvert and Lemmy, coming home from a Hawkwind gig and in fear of a drug-raid, have to swallow certain substancies...the one goes up, the other one down... listen to it HERE

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