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Robert Calvert

'Robert was his own worst enemy and this tended
to make you more sympathetic to him.'
- Michael Moorcock -

This page is reflecting Calvert's character, his work and life in the words, testimonies, memories, anecdotes... of others - of friends, artists - a variety of people who were related to him in various ways.

You'll encounter a relatively random (but quite large) selection of statements, gathered around specific works of Calvert, his obsessions and subjects - illuminating Calvert's character, his views, the circumstances of his life and work, the influence his works had/have on other artists and a few million things more in mostly very subjective, and so all the more important- flashlights. A lot of them were exclusively written for this site - i.e. they do appear here for the first time. (so, before you simply snatch them: ASK!)

To bring this evergrowing assemblage into some sort of shape,
all statements BY and ON Calvert are broken up in 3 parts:

'This bright-eyed exuberant child energied cynical fellow
was full of enthusiasm.'
- Arthur Brown -


  • Jill Calvert
    Jill married Robert Calvert in the early 80's - she became his third wife and a collaborator on many of his following projects
    . Here you can read an exclusive and extensive interview with her.

  • Nicholas Calvert
    is the youngest son of Robert Calvert -
    Here you can read a new [2007] and exclusive interview with him.

  • Arthur Brown
    on Calvert's artistic attitudes and his appearance returning from a mental hospital on the inci/accident when he introduced Calvert and Vivian Stanshall to each other /
    Arthur Brown

  • Jello Biafra
    the vocalist and mastermind of the US-punk legend THE DEAD KENNEDYS, member of LARD, collaborator of NO MEANS NO, D.O.A.... - on Calvert's influence on his own work - especially in the fields of research and spoken words performances.
    Jello Biafra

  • Peter Hammill
    the founder and mastermind of Van der Graaf Generator - and ever since one of the most prolific (solo) singer-songwriters up to day.
    These are notes from a talk I had with Peter Hammil in Berlin, Jan. '98

  • Nigel Ayers
    is working as a multimedia artist and is - for quite some time now - the main-man behind NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS. He's also regularly collaborating with numerous other musicians -from the somewhat unclearly defined territory of 'industrial' music - like Mick Harris of SCORN.
    Ayers acknowledges the far-reaching influence of Hawkwind's and Calvert's sonic and lyrical experiments on the whole industrial music scene, that came up in the mid/late 70's - heralded by bands like Throbbing Gristle, SPK a.o.

  • Michael Moorcock
    - one of the most well-known SF / Fantasy writers & novelists from the UK, who played an important role in developing and supporting the "New Wave" of Science Fiction.
    M. Moorcock on Calvert's special talents and his worst enemy /
    Michael Moorcock

  • Dave Brock
    the founder, mastermind and last 'survivor' of the legendary band HAWKWIND on his longtime artistic companion. / Dave Brock

  • Paul Hayles
    was the keyboarder of the SONIC ASSASSINS - originally a side project by Calvert and Dave Brock, resp. a collaboration of them with the Devon-based band ARK, which featured Harvey Bainbridge on bass and Paul Hayles on keboards/synths. Both Hayles and Bainbridge became members of Hawkwind shortly afterwards. - Here you can read some of Paul Hayles' memories of the days spent with Calvert, the Sonic Assassins and Hawkwind in 1978.

  • Don Falcone
    a musician who successfully explores the various fields of modern electronic sounds - from ambient soundscapes to powerful drum 'n' bass structures.
    He played alongside ambient guru Kim Cascone in Thessalonians, Spice Barons, and Satellite IV - bands that shaped the ambient philosophies of Silent Records - and was also a member of the space rock band Melting Euphoria.
    In 1995, he founded his solo project Spaceship Eyes - another important project of his is called Spirits Burning - a kind of virtual global orchestra.
    Don has written an essay for this website: Robert Calvert, Art Hero and Inventor (this text has later been re-published in the US-magazine "Progression"; Issue 36, Summer/Fall 2000

  • Adrian Shaw
    another anecdote on artistic camaraderie / Adrian Shaw

  • Doug Smith
    a brief description of Hawkwind's manager on one of Calvert's favourite ways to spend his 'leisure time' in his pre-Hawkwind days...(from an interview by Jonathon Green

  • Paul Fraser Rudolph
    - on the recording of Calvert's Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters album and another recording session with Hawkwind.
    - Paul Rudolph on the collaboration with Calvert and Brian Eno on Calvert's 2nd solo-album Lucky Leif and the Longships / Paul Rudolph

  • John Weinzierl
    one of the founder members of the legendary German band Amon Düül 2 on his collaboration with Calvert on Die Lösung, an extraordinary PR-action of Calvert and his memories of the man who wasn't mad at all. / John Weinzierl / Amon Düül 2

  • Ralph Beauvert
    "We often used the odd Calvert composition when playing live and some of it has been recorded. Needless to say I have been impressed by his output to this day."

  • Pete Pavli
    on the Revenge tracks and an example of the more erratic side of Mr. Calvert's character /
    Pete Pavli

  • Nik Turner
    on Calvert's conceptual influence on the band during the early Hawkwind days / Nik Turner -
    feat. a NEW extensive interview on Calvert

  • Steve Pond
    played with Inner City Unit (featuring Nik Turner) - a band Calvert often guested with during the early 80's. Later he joined Calvert's band 'Krankschaft' - aka 'Maximum Effect. Some memories of Steve on the times with Calvert, the working process... - (special thanks belong to Max Wilcox for getting this text from Steve.)

  • Fred Reeves (aka 'Dead Fred')
    was another core-member of the proto psy-punk-band Inner City Unit (featuring Nik Turner) - a band Calvert often guested with during the early 80's. Together with ICU bandmate Steve Pond he later formed the core of Calvert's band 'Krankschaft' - aka 'Maximum Effect'. - Find some remarks on the possible future of Calvert's heritage...

  • Tommy Grenas
    member of Pressurehed / Far Flung and Anubian Lights on his first spine-tingling encounter of Calvert's voice and the Calvertian influence on his own work.

  • Alien Gnudarve Lovejoy
    member of Far Flung and Death Ride 69 on his experiences with Calvert's work and the influence it had / has on his own work.

  • K. Sören Bengtsson
    darXstar's mastermind on 'The invisible Robert Calvert connection that couldn't be heard...' /

  • Roy Dunn
    on his conversations with Calvert on hi-technologies and Mr. C's characteristic lust for an 'engaged' style of verbal explorations - incl. a distinct comment of Mr. Lemmy (Motörhead) Kilmister on Calvert.

  • Gary Cooper
    on another unfortunate (but funny) approach to get Calvert's work published & on a possible future of Calvert as a 'suave' British TV personality.

  • Lemmy
    a short obituary /
    Lemmy / Motörhead

  • Huw Lloyd-Langton
    was a long time member / guitarist of Hawkwind - played also on one of Calvert's solo-projects. The Calvert-Collab-O-Relators frames contain a detailed outline of his career by Lee Broughton:
    Huw Lloyd Langton

  • Ami Hassinen
    is a member of the ambient/electronica group Nemesis from Finland - some notes on the strong influence of Calvert's music and concepts on his own work.

  • Lee Broughton
    is a member of the British band Agua Caliente - and wrote articles on other musicians like Arthur Brown

  • Roger Neville-Neil
    - on his encounters with Calvert and the influence it had on his own writings
    - a typical Calvertian dialogue tactic (incl. a reference to Roger Zelazny / Damnation Alley) & a memory from Calvert's funeral

  • Brian Tawn
    on Calvert's stage personae(s) and an example of typical Calvertian enthusiasm / Brian Tawn

  • Mick Farren
    was the vocalist of the infamous DEVIANTS, he's also a writer and journalist - here's a hilarious article on a 1976 Calvert & Hawkwind performance and the band's visual antics deployed /
    Mick Farren

  • Kenneth Magnusson on how Calvert appeared to a soon to become psychedelic musician when he was just thirteen - Kenneth plays with The Moor, a psych/space-rock band from Sweden, with Nik Turner as an associate member. / The Moor

  • from: The Melody Maker
    a short description of Calvert's appearance in May '73 & a statement on manic depression

  • Nick Kent
    on Calvert's unstable mental condition; his collaboration with Hawkwind and one of Calvert's ideas for a poetical stage performance - from: 'Gone with the Wind', an article in 'Frendz', July '72

  • James Cawthorn
    a friend of Calvert who supplied him with material for his Starfighter / Capt. Lockheed - also an associate of HAWKWIND - and a long-time collaborator of Michael Moorcock for whose books he did numerous illustrations.
    And you'll find out on this amusing page that he's indeed a visionary comic-wizard...

  • 'Rustic' Rod Goodway
    Rod Goodway was and is a member of some of the quintessential psychedelic bands, that sprung up in and around London in the late 60's. He played in Rustic Hinge and The Provincial Swimmers and the various formations of Magic Muscle - a band that also featured Adrian Shaw and often toured with Hawkwind during the early 70's. Magic Muscle had a comeback in the nineties, feat. yet another ex-Hawkwind member: Simon House, with whom Goodway also recorded an album in the late 70's. These days he's playing in Ethereal Counterbalance and is still associated to the extended Magic Muscle / Bevis Frond camp of musicians, most of them are feat. on the releases of the Woronzow label. Contributions of Goodway can be found on many Woronzow releases.
    HERE you can read an amusing anecdote: Rod Goodway becoming part of Calvert's stage-show in 1977 - on the night his friend Ade Shaw gave his debut as Hawkwind's new bass-player. Calvert WAITING FOR HIS (MY) MAN...and Goodway delievered the stuff... - well, not quite the stuff expected....

  • Ulrich Gutmair / Taz
    Ulrich Gutmair is a young German journalist, who's mostly writing about culture and new technologies. In the summer of '97 I told him about the website on Calvert which I had just started - and he immediately decided to do something on Mr. C. - The first result was a radio feature for an independent station, broadcasted in August 1997. HERE you can read the transcription of this feature - incl. a link to the audio-file of the complete show. (in German).
    In Nov. '97 Gutmair managed to publish an extensive article on Calvert's in Germany's biggest left-ish newspaper, "Taz/die tageszeitung". Mr. Calvert got a whole page for himself. The article was entitled "Test-Pilot in Dataspace" - and I am pretty sure this is the most extensive article ever published on him outside of a music magazine. Besides: (and I am not overtly subjective here) it's - for all I know - it's also the best and most profound that's been written so far. Alas, for all non-Germans: it's in German as well. You can read this article HERE.

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