Lyrics by Robert Calvert

The following lyrics have been PAINstakingly transcribed by Chris Gibbs [thank you!] - due to the nature of the original recording, which makes extensive use of layered voices, sound effects etc. it was at times extremely difficult to catch each and every word...there are still some tiny mysterious bits left. feel free to contribute....
INSOLENCE also works with simultaneous voices - the following text-montage tries to represent the original mix and layerings.

The chapters in which INSOLENCE... has been divided [ The Myth / The Dream / The Nightmare / The Morning / The End ] are suggested by your humble transcriber. Though they are not to be found on the original record, they do make sense in order to suggest an idea of the (possible) concept. These chapters signify the breaks in the montage, the change of styles / atmospheres etc.

There are infos/rumours around, that some parts were taken from Hitler's infamous book "Mein Kampf" - if so, these must surely be very minor parts - most of these lyrics, as you will see simply must be original material. Bits and pieces might have been taken from other sources - like for instance the monologue of the murder in Fritz Lang's famous movie "M - eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder", which appears in "The End" chapter.
Also: It's not clear which if these lyrics were entirely written by Calvert. From all we know, the circumstances of the production were fairly chaotic and/or improvised - some pieces may have been made up along the way by the other musicians involved.
  by the way: visitors who are in favour of any of those 3rd-Reich ideas
are unkindly asked to fuck off.

Narrator: Hitler:
    Once upon a time, in a far away land,
In a far away land where stars shone,
In rapture overhead.
A fairy tale king,
Who when dressed in uniform,
Who when dressed in uniform,
Made young soldiers hearts stop beating,
And say he was too divinely,
Too divinely beautiful,
For this world.
Had deep shadows fall around him,
Deep shadows fall around him,
Around him,
Around him,
Around him.
  Please repair the moon,
It is shinning less brightly than it used to.
    Upon a throne the kings aunt imagined,
She had swallowed a glass grand piano.
And so he built a flying machine,
In the shape of a peacock,
To fly them over the alps,
To fly them over the alps,
To fly them over the alps,
To fly them over the alps.
Eva B.:
    My kiss will make you see the world clearly.
Our nations fall into the brooding nightmare.
In the anxious distorting mirror,
Is reflected our direct descent from the hero God.
    Once upon a mountain,
A dream king drifted in a cockle boat,
Pulled by two black swans.
By two black swans,
On his artificial underground lake.
Watching a rainbow,
And the cascading stars of heaven.
Lit by the first electrical
Power station in Bavaria.
Power station in Bavaria.
Station in Bavaria.
In Bavaria.

There was once a king,
Who alone found the promise,
That finally resolved his tensions,
doubts and crisis.
And sank,
And sank,
And sank,
Into the flooding waters of the worlds soul
And was swallowed and drowned,
Drowned into watery nothingness.


      Good evening.
Thank you for coming.
I shudder at the thought of being on my own at night.
You know it is only the moon I hate.
For it is something dead and terrible,
And inhuman.
And human beings are afraid of it.
It is as if the moon is a part of the terror,
That still lives,
Which the moon once sent down over the earth.
    Hitler:   These are the words you should know:    
    In the size of the lie,
There is always contained
A certain factor of credibility.
Since the masses of people
Will more easily fall victim
To a big lie,
Than to a small one,
Since they themselves lie
Sometimes in little things.
Thus such an untruth will not enter their heads.
Therefore, for this reason,
Some part of the impudent lie will
stick stick stick stick stick stick
Moved Away.
Protective Custody.
Straightening The Front.


Courageous Grief.
Canned Goods.
    I know the way that providence dictates,
With all the assurance of a sleep walker.

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