Faster Disaster - "Too Stupid To Quit"
(Screaming Pancake Records 2004, SP002)

From Aural Innovations #29 (October 2004)

Man, this is real fun stuff… The band hails from Seattle and mix humor and irreverence with a good dose of hard rocking music. Think the Mentors, but without the pornographic references. The three piece band consists of Lynne Nakamura on bass and vocals, Craig Beytebiere on drums and Steve “Esteband” Goodlad on guitars and vocals. The CD begins with the ominous "SMOKE". A great guitar riff and lyrics! "Watching Her Die" is more a heavy blues rocker with Lynne singing the lead vocal. It reminds me a bit of the early L7 stuff. Steve has a lot of cool fuzzed, phased guitar sounds and mixes them up really well on the CD. "Drain Pipe" is a more fuzzed out garagy number and Steve’s voice really reminds me of Jello Biafra. "Headful Of Lice" is a cool slow song with great words. "Petting Zoo" is a fast song with a great bouncy bass line that really grabs you. The vocal delivery is really different on this song. "Such a Pain" has a really deranged guitar riff and sound and again Jello comes to mind. The CD ends with the excellent title track and a great fuzz guitar. Dead Kennedys meets L7 meets the Mentors! This band is cleaver, funny, tongue in cheek and they rock. Great stuff!

For more information you can visit the Faster Disaster web site at:
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Contact via snail mail c/o Screaming Pancake Records; 9594 First Avenue NE #175; Seattle, WA 98115-2012.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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