Stone Premonitions Retrospective 1994-2004 Sleeve Notes

It’s a great privilege to write the sleeve notes and put together the compilation for this 10th anniversary tribute to the Stone Premonitions Record label. Tim and Terri~B, the ever present and and driving force of the Stone Premonitions concept inhabit a musical world that is rich in its diversity, honest and true in a way that commercialised, mass produced, media hyped ‘muzak’ can never be. Sadly, the message only gets through to discerning music lovers and does not enjoy the wider exposure it so clearly merits. I hope that these CDs allow Stone Prem to ‘go forth and multiply’ but meanwhile we should all be grateful for the opportunities that Internet radio and communication as well as ‘alternative’ radio stations and shows afford us to share our musical ideals and aspirations.

Stone Premonitions is about much more than music and Tim and Terri’s extended ‘family’ restore the good old principles of community much maligned by certain politicians over the years, a point the artists are never slow to remind us of! You may be surprised to find out the origin of the label’s name – is it in reference to Stonehenge or soothsayers you say? Nay – think again! Similarly, if you don’t know what a ‘Kromlek’ is (and sounds like), now is your chance to find out! Space would have to be infinite indeed for me to express my admiration for the various manifestations (and many marvellous names) of Tim and Terri’s prodigious musical projects from the wondrous ‘Geoffrey’ in 1980 (pre Stone Prem of course!) right up to the present day. As well as writing and playing, Tim and Terri are also heavily involved in production and they never ever take an insular view as they actively encourage and promote ‘underground’ artists through their Alchemical Radio shows and in any other ways they can. Their passion and commitment is seemingly boundless and the world is a better place with a healthy and vibrant Stone Premonitions in it, even if it doesn’t seem to realise it – Yet!

On this compilation we have strived to produce a kind of ‘rockumentary’ (!) that hopefully tells the story so far. There can be no argument that the music speaks for itself! As a companion CD to this compilation, Stone Premonitions have also released ‘The Moon Orion Project’ on which artists such as the legendary band Clear Blue Sky interpret two classic Tim Jones/Terri~B songs. Whatever happens next, I hope Stone Premonitions and all its associates and supporters have a momentous 2004. I also fervently hope it has many more associates and supporters by the year’s end. Here’s to another 10 years!

February 2004.