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The Moon Orion Project Sleeve Notes

Stone Premonitions is delighted to release this CD featuring various artists' interpretations of two songs that have long been a staple part of Stone Premonitions musical folklore since their original release in 1996 on The Rabbit's Hat 'In Optic Mansion' CD.
Among those taking up the challenge is the legendary band Clear Blue Sky whose stunning versions of 'The Moon' will surely guarantee radio play throughout the known musical universe! Some artists chose to perform music inspired by 'Orion' or 'The Moon' such as Cousin Silas, Rapoon and new act Pandemonium Seesaw. Root Deco even perform a completely original song inspired by the concept. Lord Litter produces his customary 'sonic surprise' with his cover of 'Orion' while Australian psych rockers Brainstorm and Dave Dill from the USA provide very different but intensely satisfying versions of 'The Moon'. American musician Tim Mungenast completes the bill in what is a tribute album with a difference! The Moon Orion Project is released to commemorate ten years of the Stone Premonitions record label.

Phil Jackson
February 2004.