Well, I see what's coming here
Before I go on (line)
It's all you ever get when you ask questions - Nobody says anything

If you're looking
To see life minute
I'm talking about street life
And the drive bit

If you see something
Just adrift
Somebody travels all night
With broken legs

Well just stay cool
Hang loose, admit nothing

If you're looking for a witness
You won't find one,
less it's a bribed one
If you see it, another slug out
Then ignore us, go in for a show down

Just: hang loose, stay cool
Admit nothing

And if you see them
Talking in low tone
What they're saying
s still strictly unknown
Mmm, I guess

And if you call us
Make like wicker
All on a two-tone,
a two-tone, two-tone hot top
Just keep on walking
Don't let your pace stop

Just hang loose, stay cool
Stay cool, hang loose
Admit nothing (5x)

Robert Calvert
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sounds: orig. backing-tape + live performance rec.

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