I get up at five
And three P.M.
And I am not alive
(Shower, shave, affair /
cherchez la femme)

Living alone (4x)
Is alright

She stays for an hour
For the night
Then it don't turns sour
You don't have to fight

Living alone (4x)
Is alright

Only you decide
What you're living for
Time is on your side
Oh, what is anymore

Because I'm
Living alone (3x)
And living alone
Is alright

What you really like
Is a killing fox
You're like Wilhem Reich
In his Orgone Box

Like a conscious state
What your efforts are
And I'll arrest, you wait
Till you crashed your car

Living alone (4x)
Is alright

© Robert Calvert
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sounds: orig. backing-tape + live performance rec.

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