With the end of Sgt. KARELLI's song the lights go up - SPARK comes back to his senses.
KARELLI finds SPARK lying on the ground, threatens to book him for making a public nuissance of himself.
SPARK tries to explain that he's been slugged while investigating that garbage can...

... that shouldn't be there on this parking lot, where in fact no parking lot should be but a company called BIOTRON...
naturally KARELLI thinks that SPARK has finally gone bonkers and wants to send him home for an extended lie-down. SPARK insists he has one more call to make... and as it turns out its at the same address where KARELLI just came from - the place where another victim of his own computer was found...
This time - as it seems - the man has been thrown out of the window by his remote control curtain device. LEROY HENRY, victim of his own curtain device unfortunately lived on the 35th floor...
As soon as KARELLI is out of sight, SPARK hastens to the crime-site where he meets Henry's computer ZOOT. And another of those strange investigation dialogues btw. SPARK and a computer sets in.
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Giving up on getting any useful - let alone truthful - data out of ZOOT, SPARK sings the next song:


SPARK, disenchanted by yet another fruitless interrogaton of another of those subversive computers, decided to go back to the root of this case:

SPARK: I could see I wasn't going to get anywhere with ZOOT. I got in my car to high-tail it over to the Countess's place. That dame still had a lotta talkin to do.
I've always said there's only one thing worse than a dame, and that's two dames. But I was kinda hoping this one would turn out to be innocent. If there was such a thing as an innocent dame. But I was willing to give her a chance.
SPARK gets into his (cut-out)-car.
Voice-over sets in:
SPARK: I didn't notice that there was something wrong with the car until I'd back out onto the highway. I couldn't get her out of reverse. And then she started to pick up speed. I was doing over 90 miles along Glendale Boulevard. Going BACKWARDS!!!!
On video: Speeded up film of highway.

Then we hear a line-up of all the mysterious questions that BRAD encountered so far - just to announce the intermission - and the next action packed episode of the KID, when all will be revealed...
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Calvert as BRAD SPARK