> Pan Transcendental Industries stands for human and superhuman, for death and immortality, for fall and resurrection. It becomes evident that The Process becomes a denial of procreation as a basic condition for the break with cosmic law.<
  We acknowledge the absolute authority over the planet that this power places in our hands.


Doctor Brian Griffin's Theorem, or the elevator principle as it has become known, postulates that the greater the distance from Earth and terefore the more unnatural the location - the closer the communication with whatever remains eg. light or air. (The principle is the ultimate self fulfilling prophecy. The further one travels upwards, the more undesireable the circumstances it leaves behind.) This simple progress, which revolutionises world opinion, obviously works in reverse ratio. Thus, angels are attracted from heaven to earth and humans from earth to heaven, or as Doctor Griffin fundamentally expresses, the core of his equation.

Given G = Ground, H = Heaven, A = Angels, CD = Car Door
G+ CD = H-A
: : G + CD + A = H
: : G+ A = H-CD

Which can be explained simply as 'There are no car doors in Heaven when angels are on the ground'.

The Angel Angle
Due to an unspecified process of levitation that would be able to suspend gravity, the involvement of Angels with the surface of the Earth was tenuous. They could assume, at any moment, the status of artificial planets visiting Earth only occassionally.
The Angels had no programme, without function they simply exist. They were supposed to be united with a future civilisation that deserved them.
At this time, the Griffin Theorem was successfully applied in the now famous experiment, and a period of divine intervention began.

Angels could now become manifest, lured to Earth and although built without purpose, they could be used by man for his own purposes.
Discovering the earth in coma and bringing with them a system of poetic formulae that replace traditional quantifiable planning in favour of metaphysical planning, the Angels exchanged their cosmic energies and feathered wings for the lates production car doors. Facilities for manufacture, furnishing and trials flights or car doors were set up and with the huge increase in sales, the first factory was built.



The Spirit of the Age
Based on the elevator principle, the factories are built on a layering of the world's surface. The structure supports seven horizontal frames all the the size of the original plot.

Each of the these floors or institutes are modified to become an incubator of ideologies, devoted to the artificial conception of theoretics, interpretations, conceptions, proposals and their infliction on the world.

These ideological laboratories, equipped to temporarily suspend unwelcome laws, are created to facilitate and provoke speculative activities. Projects developing under ideal and identical conditions have the right to expand indefinitely toward heaven.

Together these institutes form an enormous incubator of the world itself. They are breeding on the globe.

Hidden in the clouds other activities occupy other plots. A lie becomes a truth. A dream from which there is no waking.

Supertime with Superhealth
Pan Transcendental Industries Inc. stands for human and superhuman, for death and immortality, for fall and resurrection. It becomes evident that The Process becomes a denial of procreation as a basic condition for the break with cosmic law, and still more, as a condition for enlightenment, freedom and magic immortality. With the certainty that there is, indeed, a heaven and that its inhabitants could be emancipated through machinery, the collective subconscious of the world's population has been awakened and tempted them to escape into PTI in an impulsive exodus and to become its Voluntary Prisoners.

The elite experience of ascension democratised through technology began an emotional and intellectual adventure profoundly altering the decisions and destiny of present day society. The metaphactory is a socio/theosophic condenser and celibate work machine combined. The lower floors bring the workers' bodies to a physical peak condition and rising through the mandatory work time the worker/gymnasts associate with the angel brides who are restricted to the lounges of the upper levels. Together, athhletes and angels attend their meeting in the Perisphere before an aerial panorama of the City.


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© 1978 by Robert Calvert

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