The World
Robert Calvert

  • Jill Calvert
    wife of R. Calvert & long-time collaborator - feat. a NEW ext. interview

  • Nicholas Calvert
    son of Robert & Jill Calvert - a NEW interview

  • Arthur Brown
    the Gremlin and FIRE man

  • Jello Biafra
    chief DEAD KENNEDY

  • Peter Hammill
    singer /songwriter & Van der Graaf's main-Generator

  • Nigel Ayers
    multimedia-artist, Nocturnal Emissions

  • Michael Moorcock
    Sci-Fi author and friend

  • Dave Brock
    the HAWKWIND mastermind

  • Nik Turner
    long-time friend and founding member of Hawkwind - feat. a NEW ext. interview

  • Paul Hayles
    keyboard player of the Sonic Assassins & Hawkwind

  • Don Falcone
    ambient-drum 'n'bass electronaut

  • Adrian Shaw
    Hawkwind's bass-player from '77 - '78

  • Doug Smith
    Hawkwind'$ manager

  • Paul Rudolph
    collaborator and Hawkwind bass player in '76

  • John Weinzierl
    collaborator and member of Amon Düül 2

  • Ralph Beauvert
    Calvert inspired musician

  • Pete Pavli
    collaborator and friend

  • Steve Pond
    member of Calvert's 'Krankschaft' band

  • Fred Reeves
    member of Calvert's 'Krankschaft' band

  • Tommy Grenas
    Calvert-inspired Space and ambient musician

  • Alien Gnudarve Lovejoy
    Calvert-inspired Space and ambient musician

  • K. Sören Bengtsson
    darXstar's mastermind

  • Roy Dunn
    (pen)-friend of C.

  • Gary Cooper
    friend and publisher of Calvert

  • Lemmy
    friend and Motörhead's mastermind

  • Huw Lloyd-Langton
    collaborator & (ex)-Hawkwind guitarist

  • Ami Hassinen
    Calvert-influenced ambient musician

  • Lee Broughton
    Calvert-influenced musician

  • Roger Neville-Neil
    long-time (pen)-friend of Calvert

  • Brian Tawn
    'Hawkfan' editor

  • Mick Farren
    Chief-'Deviant', writer and long-time HW associate

  • Kenneth Magnusson
    THE MOOR's brain

  • from: The Melody Maker
    Calvert's appearance in May '73

  • Nick Kent
    'Frendz' journalist

  • James Cawthorn

  • Rod Goodway
    member of Magic Muscle a.o. top UK psych-bands.

  • Ulrich Gutmair/TAZ
    German journalist / his newspaper article

  • more Quotes BY Calvert