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Robert Calvert

Pete Pavli, 1981 - performing in Calvert's Krankschaft Cabaret Pete Pavli

> We were introduced by
Simon House.
Bob wanted some cello on one of his albums and I came to the session. I enjoyed it and we got on well.
We met a few times at my house in Friern Barnet, where we worked on the four tracks, later released as the Revenge tape.

They were really just pieces of music, but Calvert was very good at picking out simple but effective melody lines, and putting them into lyrics.
We were both interested in the Futurists, which is where the spoken piece Fascism / Futurism came from.

I've just remembered the first time I realised that Calvert was erratic, unpredictable, and not to be relied on. I had just split up with my girlfriend in Friern Barnet, and was looking for somewhere to live. Calvert said he had a flat in a block in Hampstead, and that I could stay there for a while.

I moved in with a few bits of furniture. It was a nice little flat, a few minutes walk from Hampstead Heath. I was happy, (I was young, naive, you know how it is...).

I had been there 2 or 3 weeks. I was coming back one day after walking on the Heath; I climbed the stairs, and noticed that the front door was open. Inside the flat were two men. One of them was changing the locks, the other was holding a piece of paper. They were batiffs, and they had come to reclaim the flat and turn me out.
Calvert had neglected to tell me that he had not paid the rent for 6 months...
Thanks a lot, Bob. <

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