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> Jill Calvert married R.C. in the early 80's -
their son Nicholas was born shortly after.
She knew Robert Calvert for many years via mutual friends - like Michael Moorcock, to whom she's been married some years earlier.
In the early 80's Robert and Jill also started to collaborate on various projects, like Calvert's extraordinary electronic musical
The Kid from Silicon Gulch.

She also worked and performed with Robert on/in various Cabaret Shows that were following the Silicon Gulch project.
Jill's voice can also be heard on some of the latest demo-recordings that Calvert did in the mid/late 80's - and also on the re-recorded version of
THE WIDOW SONG, a song (an outtake) that was originally meant to appear on the Captain Lockheed album. (Rumours have it, that Calvert had the German chanteuse extraordinaire NICO in mind, for the original vocals...)

Jill Calvert is keeping the estate of Calvert's work - and I like to thank her for the opportunity to talk to her (at length....) and giving me access to a lot of material.

This is a highly recommended reading, as you'll get quite a few new angles and stories on Mr. Calvert, from a voice that's - so far - hasn't been made public.

more infos on Jill Calvert's collaborations with Robert Calvert on:

The Kid from Silicon Gulch
The Krankschaft Cabaret Shows
and here's an animated version of one of Robert Calvert's songs
an which Jill Calvert did the lead vocals - "strangely" enough, it's
an outtake from Captain Lockheed... called

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