Robert Calvert

Ami Hassinen Ami Hassinen

- 20 Dec 1996 -
> "I've been a
serious Hawkfan
from 1980 onwards and especially fond of the period, when Bob Calvert was at the helm.
I always have felt that Calvert is perhaps the most underrated artist in the rock culture in regard to what his best work has to offer.

I was deeply influenced both by his lyrical and visual force. My musical efforts in my teens were heavily "Hawkwindish" and having reached a more mature age I still rank Hawkwind & Robert Calvert as my most important inspiration.
My music has left to other more incividual areas but the concepts and the whole approach to the subject matter is still inspired by the work of R.C.

Actually, I got my first PC incl. internet connection just a year ago. One of the first words to test with Alta-vista was of course Hawkwind.

Then, naturally, your web site caught my attention in a BIG way. I was amazed to see that the work of a man I thought to be largerly forgotten (by others, not me...), being presented in such a fashion. All the pictures (in colour), stories and lyrics! (at last I was able to understand some parts of the lyrics that had been unclear to me so far).

I felt like a kid in a candy store having the Xmas and his birthday at the same time. My most sincere congratulations and thanks for making Calvert's work visible in the media of the future generations.
Actually, I feel that it is quite objectively the best rock music web site I've seen so far. And I've seen many during the last month.

Nemesis - 1998 (Jyrki Kastman + Ami Hassinen) Regarding the music of Nemesis I must say that you cannot hear much that could be associated with the work of Calvert. Our music is mostly instrumental and in many cases not very hard-hitting.
I've (luckily) long ago passed the phase when my major influences were easy to pick up while listening to my music. Nowadays, Calvert's influence can hardly be heard, but his impact is still very strong on the conceptual, spiritual and thematic side.

It was Calvert that made me realise that good lyrics / good tracks didn't have to be about "feelin' alright on a saturday night" or anything you normally hear when listening to pop music. Our music often aims at depicting similar scenes that Robert Calvert did within his works. <

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