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Lemmy - live at a reunion gig w. Hawkwind; 2002 'Rustic' Rod Goodway

> As for the greatest Hawkwind
'Spinal Tap' moment, it's hard to top the ATOMHENGE stage props, where (at Adrian Shaw's first gig with Hawkwind) Bob Calvert dragged me onstage, at the Roundhouse, to be his 'Man', in their Veltvet Underground cover of

"Waiting For My Man"

And there's me "...all dressed in black / cocaine in his shoes and a big straw hat...." etc, selling the Bobster this white powder which, in desperation for 'stage props' I'd grabbed up a scoop of dry shampoo from the make-up table...

So, in front of this thrashing heap of hippiedom, Ade looks across at me (his old mate, onstage at HIS first gig with the band) mock-'dealing' Calvert this heap of dry shampoo... and looks on *in horror* as Calvert leers at the audience with a true pantomime Dame expression of "Mmmm, nice" ... and snarfs the bloody lot up his nose!!!
Arf arf - what a true STAR Calvert was...

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