Robert Calvert

Gary Cooper

> There's an amusing story surrounding NEL's (New English Library - publishers of Calvert's novel Hype).

Robert, in one of his rages, phoned their senior editor during the Frankfurt Book Fair just to call him a "fat, bearded cunt.".
I remember both wincing (as his agent) and also howling with laughter. He was completely justified (if commercially suicidal) as NEL treated both him and his book very shabbily. <

Gary Cooper - from an interview / article on Calvert; 1976:

N. Coward > As a hero Calvert cites Noel Coward, as he survived being a child star and constitued working well into old age.
If Coward was something of a prolific upper-class gentleman, then so is Bob.
During the interview he throws quite astonishing ideas around as if they were nothing in particular and goes off at length to talk about ideas he's had for books, musicals, plays and many other forms of literary art. If he wishes for a career that will take him into old age, it looks like he's found one.

So don't say you've not been warned. When you're about ready for your old age pension, you'll turn on your TV (it'll be built in your head by then) and see a three-D image of an ancient Calvert busily engrossed in a chat show discussing the Alfala crop collective farmers of Signus 5's latest dramatic attempt to revive the ancient art of songwriting.
With a suave English smile, Calvert will twirl his cigarette holder and intone something like:

"Ah yes....I wrote some songs once...my, how time flies when you're enjoying yourself." <

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