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"Jim Cawthorn and I have been inseparable
for over twenty-five years, sometimes to the point where I can't remember which came first -- the drawing or the story. It is his drawings of my characters which remain for me the most accurate, both in detail and in atmosphere. His interpretations in strip form will always be, for me, the best."

- Michal Moorcock on James Cawthorn

James Cawthorn:
> I am afraid I can't help very much about Bob Calvert. XXX was probably thinking of the time when Bob was writing his lyrics about the Starfighter, an aircraft which was falling out of the sky as regularly as rain.
I had been collecting press reports of this phenomenon and gave them to Bob when I heard of his project.

I did have dealings with HAWKWIND as a group, designing some T-shirts and a stage backdrop for them, but we were a bit too far apart musically for me to ever be a fan.
I belong to a generation raised on late 1930's dance music and 1940's big bands, and rock to me is mostly a loud noise. I did like the band as characters, partly because they were rather older than I'd imagined rock musicians to be.

Sorry there isn't more to tell.
Good luck with your documentary. -- J.C.  <

Heavenly Calvert Comic

from a 2nd letter by J.C.:
> I am still slightly bemused by the idea of Bob being resurrected in this way. It's rather as if I'd lived next door to Elvis for years, but had never noticed. <

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