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Jello Biafra

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on Robert Calvert:

I only met him once as a shy, wide-eyed fan at a Hawkwind show in San Francisco in 1978.
I was fascinated by Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters because the text predicted the worldwide Lockheed scandal one or two years before the mainstream press!

I asked him how he came by this information when reporters all over the world couldn't find it if it was right in front of their nose.

He said that he kept files on different renegade corporations that disturbed him. In other words, a dossier on corporate criminals, instead of the kind the F.B.I. keeps track of.

Years later I began to do the same thing myself, thinking back to Calvert and knowing how much this would help me in the fight against censorship and for my Spoken Word performances in general.

Jello - live

I think it's important that all artists use their art to spread suppressed information in a time when the mass media that used to report this information is so badly censored.
This is what many punk and rap groups do.
The more the better. <

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