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>Thoughts on Calvert:

I was first introduced to Robert Calvert by my friend Tommy.

I remember he played "Ejection" and then a few other songs from "Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters". I kept asking him to play more, play more, play more. And there was more, always more. It seemed endless, the more I looked the more I found, waiting like diamonds to be discovered. And thus was I led into the deep and expansive world of Robert Calvert.
From the rock opera of Starfighters, to the simple purity of Freq Revisited, Calvert had quite literally "blown me head clean off".

"Look, just take these tapes home with you and listen to them all day if you want!", says Tommy. Sounds good "So who is this guy?", Say I. Why haven t I heard this before? Where can I get more? I was hooked instantly. I heard the voice of my own yearning for something new being finally answered. Something to take me out the ridiculous bullshit of common everyday life. He found a way to express dreams about a universe where anything is possible. Where expression is the source of life. Where any thought or idea has a place to exist. And he did it so good.

Calvert had at last revealed the true nature of Space Rock! That is the "Spirit Of The Age" and he was all over it. "Even these words that flow from my pen, have just been written by another twenty telepathic men".
He was a frontiersman who knew that everything springs from that which is within, everything is growth and evolution and building on what is, and making it new. An expressionist who was able to realize a truly "alternative" musical form.

A musician for those who dare to believe in dreams. Not a very popular place to be, but certainly a beautiful one. May the heavens sing your name, Mr. Robert Calvert, you who reached out and touched the infinite. <

Alien Gnudarve Lovejoy
May 2, 1997

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