(sounds of breakfast table) Hitler:

Draw the curtains its daylight.
Go ahead and eat,
I didn't think you wanted to eat a corpse.
I find meat repulsive.
I will have blood sausage made
From my excess blood,
As a special treat for you.
Why not?
You like blood so much.
I've always been plagued by excess sweat,
And since becoming a vegetarian,
I do not sweat so much.
There are fewer stains on my underwear.
The odor of my farts has improved.
Even examining the contents of my enema's, has become an inspiration.
What do they expect?

    Unseen Voice:        
    Authority of course!
Speak at length.
Your will is unshakable.
Give laws to your Age.
        Hitlers Voice:    
        Then I speak in a firm voice.    
    No speak quiet,
No passion but commanding.
It is Destiny that is speaking.
    Hitler:   Three pencils.
I use the red one when I write about an enemy.
I use the green one when I make notes about friends.
    Now sextant the safty razor   The blue, when I have a feeling that I should be cautious.    
    was blunt issuing fizzing   I am sometimes filled with a depressing fear.    
    all his worst problems basically   You know? I am like a wanderer,    
    whales mashed in nurishment   Who must cross an abyss on the edge of a knife.    
        I feel as if I've opened a door,    
    I know all the code numbers of my records   Into a dark unseen room.    
    I can remember the serial number of my first prick   At each step a door opens,    
    the age displacement speed and armor of every German ship   Behind which only a mystery    
    Dr. Morrell perscribes me daily   Is hidden and lies in wait.    
    doses of Dr. Postis antigass tablets,   Always there is this evil force inside of me.    
    a mixture of belladonna stricnine and   Its there all the time,    
    pulverised bulls testicles   Driving me out to wonder through the streets.    
        Its me!    
        Pursuing myself.    
    The spirit is the positive,   Because I want to escape.    
    the qualitative it is the good   But is it possible?    
    inspiring between which leads to evolution   I have to obey it.    
        Who will believe me?    
        Who knows what it feels like to be me?    
    to ever make sure of my love   How I'm forced to act...    
    I will make love with you with one hand   How I must!    
    for that hand uses their Iron Cross,   Don't want but must!    
    this hand is hatred   Must!    
    The mistress   Must!    
        Don't want but must!    
    return from the future   Must!    
    by enormous canals   Must!    

    We will convert the Norwegian Fjords,   standing along their lengths    
    Into a colossal resort.   Of German towers where    
    With mile upon mile of public baths and playgrounds.   our forfathers settled    
    It will be the high point in the bath life of future Europe.   of spacious farms served    
    Here the worlds most beautiful women will swim, ,sunbathe dance and play.   by those ridiculous slums    
    I will cover the swimming areas with glass and light.
And heat the area with hydro electric power.
During the short Northern days,
A huge bridge will be built,
To connect the resort to the Reichsautobahn.

There are secret relations, connected
With the order of the world.
Science will someday recapture erie emanations,
Coming from Wagners legendary world.
Vital vibrations, transmitting
the secrets of the cosmos.
Eels are best fattened with dead cats.
I am a wolf, and this is my lair.
The SS are my pack of wolves,
And in the hunt are soon covered with blood.
I am a man wolf.
    I have nerves of steel.   Ladies and Gentlemen, I propose a toast    
        The Führer    
        THE FÜHRER    
    We are the last people who will make history in Germany.        

(Music: Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries - collage)
    Benign blue eye,
And iron sword hand.
Husky voice.
Thou and the nations most loyal father.
Behold across the continents,
Banded together.
Stand man and wife.
In the flames of the soul,
Sacredly joined.
An endless wave,
Chain encircled before the moon,
Which your shoulders alone
Have raised across the mountain ranges,
Out of the chasms of distress.


    I am Wotan, dread ruler of the Universe.
Darkly brooding in the shadowed Hall of Dead in Valhalla.
Upon my shoulders {Humin} and {Mournin},
Twin ravens of death and destruction.
At my feet the great gray wolf Fenrin,
Master of chaos.
Follow me wild huntsmen.
Ride forth to lead the ravaging horde.
The furious host.
Fenrin advances,
His great gaping jaws
Fill the gap between Earth and sky.
Appalling deeds of murder and incest.
Götterdämmerung fulfills my myth;
Inevitable destruction of the world;
In a tremendous holocaust.
No more Gods!
No more Gods!
No more men!
No more men!
Consumed in flames,
The top of my cranium was blown off
By steam generated from my brain,
Bubbling in the heat of the petrol fire.
Poisoned and shot, I rise to the tragic heights, by willing my own destruction.
Suicide is the master of life and death.
I deny fate!
I escape defeat!
Immortality is mine!
This is my supreme magical act.
I have mastered life.
I advance to a superior order.
Nothing outside my life is real.
The world, and all persons in it,
Are me!
No one is worthy of me, and so I leave my legacy behind me.
I am omnipotent!
I rise far above time and space.
I leap to a new whole dimension of power.
Laughing let us perish,
With laughter face our death.
Let there be darkness
In the oblivion.
Mine is the power and the glory forever!

    Remember me on sunny days.
More tea, more tea. / Mutti, Mutti
My father!
More tea. More tea. / Mutti, Mutti


    BBC Announcer:
Tonight on the Eastern front the population sustained losses.

And so another beautiful day draws to its close.

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