Lyrics by Robert Calvert

Das Volk: Das Volk:
    Cross my eyes,
Cut my throat and hope to die.
  "Waggy Woo"
{}take my daily bread.
Remain at my side and never leave me.
    Wet my thumb.
Your a tell tale tit.
    What a pit drail.   Führer    
    Your tongue will split.   My Führer    
        My Faith    
    Führer   My Light    
    My Führer        
    My Faith        
    My Light        
    Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha   Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha    
    Unseen Voice:        
    Let me tell you a story.   Hitler [Voice of Calvert]:    
    There was a respectable Bürger in Munich called Haarman.        
    Who murdered sixteen people by tearing out his victims throats,   It is a woman's job to look beautiful and bring children into the world.    
    With his teeth. Their dismembered bodies....   This is not half as crude or old fashioned as it sounds.    
        The female bird preens herself for the male,
And hatches out eggs for him.
In return the male provides food.
The rest of the time he stands guard and repels enemies.
I have heard that copulating on the gravestones of the ancestors,
Endows the child with brave Teutonic
spirit of its forefathers.
        its forefathers.    
    LISTEN to a soundfile of the following minute of INSOLENCE...    
    Hitler made me undress.   This desire,    
    He would lie down on the floor,   For female emancipation,    
    Then I would have to squat over his face,   Is due to frustrations set up by malfunctioning    
    Where he would examine me at close range.   Sex glands.    
    And this made him excited.
He then demanded that I urinate on him,
So he got his sexual pleasure.
He fell on the floor and asked to be kicked.
He took me to his mothers grave.
He whipped his dog.
And he's only got one ball.
He keeps a gun.

Hitler [Voice of Calvert]:  
    I can hold my hand like this for two hours!
Two hours!
My arm is granite!
My storm troopers
March past me and I never move!
It is a fact:
I can do it for two hours!
Two hours!
I marvel at this power!
Struggle leads to the surrection of the hardest!
    The hardest!        
    It makes the strong even harder!   Deamon:    
    We must fight a brutal, ice cold, hard and bitter, fight for existence!   morgleeb    
    Hardness must be applied!        
    In order to create happiness!        
    And make the German nation even harder!        
    With an inner hardness!        
    With brutal, ice cold, hardness!   Das Volk:    
    I am not only the hardest man in Germany;   Bloody Bloody cunts    
    That Germany has seen in decades,   Bloody Bloody cunts    
    Perhaps for centuries;   Lousy bloody Kikes    
    But I'm also possessed with the greatest authority.        

Unseen Voice [Voice of Calvert]:  
    Keep your blood pure.
Do not soil the noble Aryan breed,
By mingling it with Jewish stock.
The enemies of the State are Jews and doctors,
Jews and idiots,
Jews and professors,
Jews and whores.
Jews are decayed parasites, diseased venereal vermin.
Jews make lipstick from sewer water.
The Jews are splashing shit on the face of humanity.


    Hitler loves every member of the Nation.
And forgives each one of them,
That is humainly fallible.
He loves you and me,
He loves the people.
And it is this love that forces
Them all towards him.
He knows no Hell,
He knows no Purgatory,
Through which he would have them pass.
In order to be made worthy of him.


    Dark forces are {approaching}        
    that control prostitution crime and {sacrifice}   Elders of Zion:    
        The chant of the star and the stars
we the fervent keepers of the flame
Bring sacrifice to Phangent
Arise and greet
    has been caused by liberating
And you'll go to hell
    ...ships of glass and steel...
Turn your dreams into screams ... search of human transplants...
..abduct beautiful girls for medical examinations
    I, no earthly superior   Hell    
    faith need a command        
    to lead the Volk   Possession    
    that was given me by God   Chaos    
    Who also created the Volk   Christ    
    the riddle(?) this
began his mission
my destiny
to death she shot herself
committed suicide
tis of any importance to one race
take away the Aryans and nothing remains but
the darkness of apes
    I am the phantom butcher come to choke and dominate you   Eva:    
        for dutchess of pain sweetly tourturing my slain mistresses savage fertility rite    
    serve   Das Volk:    
        this is the hour
this is where it all begins
    to preserve (?...) Second task
nobel representative to whom the people have given a mandate
I am the incarnation of the spirit of the people
and it is only through me
that the people are led to a full realisation of themselves

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