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> Internet sites on HAWKWIND <

  • the official Hawkwind website - a site hosted by the band itself - w. lot's of spacey artwork, tons of infos and what not...

  • D-Rider - a site run by a German HW-fan. Quite informative and w. flashy design...

  • the Philm Freax' Hawkwind page of your's splendid psychedelic court-photographer Phil Franks, who collaborated on the original artwork and took the photo's for HW's 'In Search of Space' album - and on this page you'll find these high-quality pics plus excerpts from the Hawkwind log and much more....

  • Nik Turner's official site - long-time Hawkwind-member; still very active and collaborating with lot's of younger musicians but also with a bunch of the earliest Hawkwind line-up's

  • Adrian Parr's extensive Hawkeye on Hawkwind site. Has about everything on anything H-windish...

  • Starfarer's Hawkwind pages - loads of pics, reviews a.m....

  • A Simon King site - Hawkwind's long time drummer

  • A selection of screensavers a.o. visuals feat. Mr. Calvert

"... YES there is More LIFE out there.."

This snapshot of extraterrestrial life was actually taken
during Hawkwind's 1977 tour, while performing

but let's not forget life outside the net (yes, there is supposed to be one).

Here are the links to the essential terrestrial activities regarding
Hawkwind and Mr. Calvert

These are several people who put together magazines
and other infos on the band and the hundreds of related
musicians who played in Hawkwind and / or with them:

  • Hawkfrendz
    A magazine run by the ever-busy Trevor Hughes - who's surely one of the biggest Calvert and Hawkwind fans on this planet. He devoted a lot of his publications to the works and memory of Calvert. Very worth reading - and a man who definitely deserves your full support! He's also involved in Comics, organizing Hawk-fan come together's and a thousand things more... - so, it might take some time before he responds...but he will. Try it under:
    Hawkfrendz / Liscard / Zephyr P.O. Box 6 / Wallasey, Merseyside / L45 4SJ / England

  • Hawkeye
    Another British HW magazine run by Adrian Parr; another very acitve and nice guy.
    Gathering loads of infos on past, current and future happenings around the band. Contact:
    Hawkeye / 6 Conifers Close / Teddington / Middlesex / TW11 9JG / England

  • Hawkfan
    The longest running Hawkwind fan-mag as far as I know - published by Brian Tawn, yet another
    helpful, hard-working and nice person. He's closely related to the band and wrote sleevenotes for some Hawkwind and Calvert releases - so you'll find a lot of useful infos on Hawkwind and a lot of other related bands and artists in his magazines as well. Contact:
    Hawkfan / 27 Burdett Road / Wisbech, Cambs. / PE13 2PR / England

  • Music & Elsewhere
    An underground music magazine and distribution run by Mick Magic. NOT a Hawkwind magazine, but you'll find infos on the band from time to time and all sorts of intersting infos on the psychedelic / underground... scene. Contact:
    Music & Elsewhere / 6 Farm Court / Frimley / Camberley / Surrey / GU16 5TJ / England
...these are the essential contacts if you want to find out more about the band
- as far as I know...

... if YOU know about any others ... let ME know ...

Sideways Through Time?!?

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