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Robert Newton Calvert died August 14th, 1988 - 43 years of age.
Since the age of 14 / 15 he was developing his art - first in the field of poetry, then extending it into the fields of performance and street theatre.

The performances turned into musical acts with the first two bands he'd founded - later on, when Calvert joined Hawkwind, all these elements were combined into one of the very first fully-fledged multi-media events - including performers, music, poetry readings, rock-theatre and the most advanced stage- and light shows at the time.
All solidly based on Calvert's conceptual ideas and subjects - with him, in his best form being the charis-magnetic centre of these shows.

Over this, relatively short span of years, Calvert's wide variety of artisctic activities and his manifold interests - which turned into an equally astonishing number of different projects - brought him together with a lot of artistic collaborators.

Many of these encounters have been most fruitful - seeing Calvert and his partners in creative crimes bringing the very best out of each other.

Calvert - the gentleman In retrospect one wishes that many of these collaborations would have lasted longer than they usually did.
But not only did Calvert's everflowing creative output, his yearning for new ideas, forms and projects let him hurry on from one inspired moment to the next - while leaving a lot of half-finished or never realized projects behind.

Many of these highly inspired artistic partnerships ended much too soon because of Calvert's 'natural' mental condition - being a (most of the time) self-confessed manic-depressive.

This particular state of mind (or rather state of being) was undoubtedly also 'helpful' in creating many of his projects (in very short time), with his very own creative force and engagement.
The other side of this two-edged sword is, that Calvert, especially in his more manic / hyper periods was extremly tiresome to be with - to put it mildly.

As much as his extremly open perception, his never ending flow of ideas (and talk!) at the time have fueled his creativity and particularly the intensity of his stage-performances - this mindset was simply too much too take for anyone over longer periods.

Though Calvert surely tried (and probably also often succeeded) in taking advantage and utilizing this particular creative mental force of his, he was certainly not in control of it most of the time - i.e. he couldn't 'calm' or turn himself down, when he'd needed it - or anybody else around him desperately wanted him to.

Naturally, sooner or later - a lot of his collaborators and friends backed away from him - everyone in his own time - depending on how much they could stand and / or resist Calvert's overwhelming personality.

However tragic this mental setting was for Calvert's personal life - and ambiguous in terms of his artistic work - one thing is for sure: no one met and worked with Calvert leaving 'un-impressed'.
All these creative collisions resulted in a great number of distinctive and diverse collaborative results - in all areas of Calvert's work: music, poetry, theatre, mixed media shows, musicals...

I contacted a lot of his former collaborators and their very own views of their Calvertian-Encounters can be explored on

The World ON Calvert

Like on those pages you will find here also a selection of artists who didn't collaborate with Calvert himself, but who were / are deeply influenced by his works, like Jello Biafra or The Moor.

The frames you'll find here offer a comprehensive list of those collaborators and influenced artists - extensively cross-linked with the related pages of this Calvert resource - particularly the The World ON Calvert pages.

In this framework you'll find out on what projects they collaborated with Calvert - or which particular aspects of Calvert's works influenced them.
I also try to cover (briefly) what all theses artists did before / after their Calvertic-encounters, what they are doing now and list the essential links to other web-resources to find out more about them.

This selection is not yet fully complete...but more material is already on the shelves...waiting to be digitized for your pleasure, information and - hopefully, amusement.

If YOU know about any other Calvert-connections, not yet showing up on this site,
please contact me

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