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M. Moorcock - mid-70s
> "I think he was an original and talented artist who never quite had the measure of his
own talents.
On occasions I tried very hard to help him get his ideas and work in order.
His vast anxieties only matched his ambitions and both were inclined to sink him.

(...) Like several creative people I know, Robert was his own worst enemy and this tended to make you more sympathetic to him. --
And I still feel that the world lost a potential superstar when Bob died.  <

Michael Moorcock is one of THE crucial writers of contemporary Science Fiction and Fantasy / Futuristic literature - and can be considered as the key-figure in the development of the New Wave in Science Fiction literature.

He was also both one of Robert Calvert's oldest friends and a longtime collaborator of Calvert and Hawkwind - sharing at times a similar position with Calvert for the band, as a writer of lyrics / poems-performance pieces and supplying the band with a conceptual / thematical background - though he never got that actively involved in the performance part as Calvert.

Moorcock's longstanding involvement and his numerous collaborations with Robert Calvert and Hawkwind have already been extensively documented on a separate page of the Calvert site - offering also some background on Moorcocks non-Calvert-related literary and musical work - and listing a number of the most interesting other web-spaces on him.

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