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> - the major band & musical collaborators
in Calvert's life.
Starting in the late 60's
they soon rose to fame as one of the true people's bands.
In fact the they invented their very own genre:


And soon - under the growing influence of Calvert - they became one of the earliest ancestors of Punk- and New Wave -
and, from early on they invented their very own mixed-media shows - including theatrical elements, dancers, cutting-edge light shows and the poetical / conceptional elements brought in by Calvert.

Calvert was a member of Hawkwind through most of the 70's - first as their 'resident poet' - later on as their full-time vocalist, frontman and leading creative figure.

They recorded many outstanding records and with the - by now legendary Space Ritual Tour - they simply set new standards in the presentation of rock music.
Numerous stories are to be told about these highly creative, and at times quite crazy years...
Far too many to be squeezed into this tiny frame...
So, the whole story has been broken up into a fully-fledged illustrated history, told in

4 extensive parts.
Featuring many interview pieces, articles, memories of the protagonists, graphics and more. At the end of part IV you will also find lot's of links to the essential other web-sites on HAWKWIND.

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