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Agua Caliente
Agua Caliente came into being around 1990.
A mutual interest in music and the arts prompted Lee Broughton and Nick Jordens to get together and write and record songs on an occasional basis, purely for their own enjoyment.

At this time Lee was singing and playing the guitar with his group, Nazz Harlequin, and Nick was playing the guitar with his group, Get Carter.

The Agua Caliente sideline gave them an opportunity to experiment with different approaches to their song writing and recording.

By 1993, both Nazz Harlequin and Get Carter had imploded and Agua Caliente became Lee and Nick's prime musical concern.

Through the winter of 1993/94 they wrote and recorded enough songs for an album. Mesa Verde Records issued these songs as the album De Wolf's Journey (MVR 101) in 1997.

The pair are currently working on a second album for Mesa Verde Records. The pair are not professional musicians but this fact, coupled with their loose agreement with Mesa Verde Records, means that they have complete artistic freedom and control over their music and approach.

Lee Broughton:
"Although we have never consciously tried to copy any of the artists that have influenced us, when Nick (Jordens) presented me with a certain rough backing track, which evoked the feeling of tumbling clouds, I knew that we could have our very own 'aeronautical song' in the tradition of those associated with Robert Calvert.
That rough backing track became the song
Fly High (Into The Sky)."

Fly High (Into The Sky) < listen
Let's hit that big blue sky
Let's hit that big blue sky
Let's hit that big blue sky
Let's hit that big blue sky


Fly high (into the sky)
Fly high (into the sky)
Fly high (into the sky)
Fly high (into the sky)

Circling, in the clouds
Sonic boom sounds so loud
Will a cloud take your weight?
Take flight before itís too late

Fly high (into the sky) -- [4 times]

What could you know?
What could you see?
If you could fly
Just like me?

Men in flying machines
Think this is their domain
They cannot conceive
A human spirit plane

(c) Agua Caliente 1993
(p) & (c) Agua Caliente/Mesa Verde Records 1997

...now...is Fly High [Into the Sky] a typical song from the De Wolf's Journey album...?
Yes, sort of - but the album is a bit difficult to describe as it features quite a number of ingredients - if I had to define the overall atmosphere in just one word, I'd say it's 'cool'....
The vocals are restrained, almost spoken-word like, most songs feature some soul and / or funky elements and rhythm tracks - and there are never any instrumental bombardments - which can be quite a relieve these days.
You can dance to these songs as well as just sitting in a cocktail lounge - which doesn't mean they're just mild and harmless. Sampled politician's speeches and war noises in some songs are positively irritating against the almost casual musical backdrop.
Sparse and effective instrumentation / danceable rhythms / effective samples and some almost ambient-ish, airy sounds - if that sounds like a good combination to you, you definitlely should look out for De Wolf's Journey. [K.G.]

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