a slightly   ambivalent   welCome

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
Madame et Messieurs,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

to the cold comfort of the impossible circus of improvisation
the hopeless grandiosity of unrehearsed madness
to a non-memorial celebration of an impossible future

- we decided to apologize in advance if we shall succeed in the serious
demolition of any of your rosy-red memorabilia-dream-worlds

instead we invite you to a simultaneous time-warp in 3 directions - at least
>in case you feel concerned about your psychophysical unity
be sure to opt for only 1 direction at a time<

we offer
- instead of therapy -
and without prescription of your local stay-in-sanity-committee
uncalculated doses of madness
medium megagrammes of paranoia,
& despair-disappearance-devices
(no brain-scan required)

and what's more....
glimpses of a clear view into the harsh face of a beautifully (restored) future
- and, of course, free praying courses on how to circumvent this very future

we welcome all life-forms
and also like to say HELLO to   DOLLY -
and do keep in mind: cloning is   STILL

but - YOU   are   WELCOME
to abandon HOPE
and all audio contraceptives

and remember:
life   SUCKs
the future can't help itself
and   YOU   are still   alive   we hope
that you
the evening.

knut  gerwers - performed with The Moor