Robert Calvert / annex
excerpt from a letter by Robert to Jill Calvert from July 1st, 1988
("Iggy" stands for Nicholas, their son)

I told Iggy that I was planning to write part of my multiple smuggling epic to be staged next summer, for the bandstand - turning it into a stage. There was no one else about so we acted out a brief improvised scene for an imaginary audience, standing on the stage where we found, of course, the acoustics were marvelous. (Guess who was a smuggler and who had to be the heroic Customs Officer.)
Iggy had a great idea: he said, I know where there's a theatre, Daddy. Follow me." And he lead me over to that tumble down structure with all the graffitti that backs on to the bowling club's office/changing room. Interesting thing is that I have often thought this would make a good sort of semi-open air theatre as well.
He's given me the idea of being able to stage two different scenes (or parts of the main epic) at different times - or even at the same time, so the audience can wander from one to the other, armed with a printed synopsis of what's going on.
The bowling club building with it's front wall missing would make an ideal Hussars headquarters, of stately home, if done up a bit with flats and curtains. (The council might see the possibility here of getting the thing permanently done up under the MSC - with theatre as the spur and excuse.)

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