Midnite Sages - s/t
(Hipbone Records, 2008)

Uploaded April 2009

Midnite Sages are a New Jersey based rock quartet that draw on multiple stylistic influences from the glorious 1970s (glorious to those of us who lived it), all of which are served up on the dozen songs featured on their self-titled debut CD. The band consists of Deetz on guitars and vocals, Arthur J. Perez on guitars and vocals, Mads Madsen on bass, and Scott Davern on drums.

The album opens with "They Don't Know", an accessible rock 'n roll song with just enough rawness in the music and lyrics to give it a comfortable belly-up-the-bar pub rock feel. There's lots of variety on the album, though the heavier songs were the ones that resonated most with me. "Man Wants Woman" has heavy rocking guitars that get a little Zepplin-ish between verses, with Deetz and Perez really stretching out on the guitars. One of my favorites on the album. "Standard Jezebel" and "Funky Invitation" are other standouts, featuring Bluesy melodic hard rock with excellent guitar jamming. "Slide One (Down the Bar)" is another highlight that lives up to its title, though it would have benefited from a nastier edge. It brings to mind a melodic take on George Thorogood.

But there's lots more going on that keep Midnite Sages from being easily labeled. "The Woods" has a Doobie Brothers vibe. "Yamanos" kicks out Latin grooves that will get your toes tappin'. "Brewers Bridge Blues" has a light Southern rock feel. And "Sneakin' Up", "Love Alone" and "Stash Of Faith" are all cool jazz flavored, funky groove tunes.

In summary, Midnite Sages' debut consists of well written songs and solid melodies. There's lots of tasty guitar leads, which is always a plus for me, with the two guitars mixed into separate channels (Deetz left and Perez right). I enjoyed the album, but Midnite Sages are clearly the type of band you need to see live to really appreciate. I'll bet they kick ass on the Jersey bar scene.

For more information you can visit the Midnite Sages web site at: http://www.myspace.com/midnitesages

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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