Martian Death Lyric / Slurr - (split 7")
(UGI Records/Butt Lettuce Records 1999, 7" 33rpm)

From Aural Innovations #9 (January 2000)

Replink, Yigrak, and Neyek are back! This time they're sharing a 7" with fellow South Carolina rockers Slurr. AI readers should remember Martian Death Lyric's first single reviewed in issue #6 and their performance at Camp Buzz reviewed in issue #7. The MDL side has two songs, "Venus Is The Planet Of Love" and "Roswell 49". I remembered Venus being performed at Camp Buzz, a more romantic side of this space garage cross between the B52's and Devo. Well... it's a pretty comic romance, but fun is big part of what Martian Death Lyric is all about. "I flew to Venus on a mission. Our ship was powered by nuclear fission." Yeah, the lyric element is part of the fun too. "Roswell 49 (Crash and Burn)" picks up the pace sounding to these ears like a freaked out space instrumental version of Etron Fou LeLoublon (Yigrak will know them). It's a short but to the point rocker that makes me worry over who's navigating this craft. Still waiting for a full length release from this talented band.

Also from Columbia, SC, Slurr are a 4-piece consisting of Jack and Marty Dunn, both on guitar and vocals, Mel Petermann on bass, and Aaron Day on drums. The band play a rousing MX-80 style of rockin' aggression that had me seriously head banging. The guitars bash about relentlessly to a thudding bass line. The vocals are almost spoken in the way MX-80 Sound's are, though the guitars reminded me of that band as well. The two songs alloted Slurr are solid rockers and left me wanting more. I'll bet they kick ass live. Lots of great rock happening in S.Carolina. The Martian influence is bearing fruit.

For more information visit the Martian Death Lyric web site.

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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