Eye - "Politics Can Be Fun: Volume 1"
(Blatant Propaganda Productions 1999, BPCD003)

From Aural Innovations #9 (January 2000)

With song titles like "Transnational Corporations Own 90% Of Australia But Pay < 8% Of The Tax", you might get the impression that Eye is a political band. Well it's true that a good portion of the disc includes rants against Australian politics, but as the CD title states it's all good fun. Which doesn't mean these folks aren't a bit disillusioned with the political situation in their country.

Musically this is primarily electronica drawing on techno and dance on the one hand, but with enough chainsaw crunchy guitars and start/stop rhythms such that any attempt to actually dance to it might find you tripping around a bit before falling on your ass. Think Gary Numan or Devo but with way cool metallic guitars in spots and synths that really blaze. "I want a man-dáte... to abuse my authority" are lyrics that state Eye's case, and are spouted out in a robotic fashion that will make your body move to the rhythm, if not actually dance. Same with the incessant "chur-ning out the same lies". Move to the message... oh yeah. And supplementing the vocals are loads of samples of what are probably various politicos from down under.

I don't know if Eye are really angry young men or just having a good time. In any event, the aggresson and variety of the music puts this many cuts above standard dance-oriented electronica.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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