Lower East Side Stitches -
"STAJA 98 L.E.S. (Ng Records 1998, 20033-2)

From Aural Innovations #7 (July 1999)

Ok, this is not spacerock folks. This is punk. I've always liked punk but have never followed it and am no authority. So I can only go by whether it's just a lot of screaming nonsense or if it's good high energy rock. And yes, L.E.S. Stitches rocks out and the boys (two guitars, bass, drums, vocals) certainly seem to care about, and have a good sense for, melody. A lot of the songs remind me of the old Ramones and New York Dolls tunes of the 70's, which I have fond memories of. My runaway favorite tracks are "Rustic City" and "Could Just Die" which grabbed me first listen. Lyrically it's standard angry young man stuff. "Well I got up Monday morning but I'd rather stay in bed, Me head's in the toilet brain bashed again, Working sucks so does school, I'm being pushed but I ain't no tool". But that's ok cause I'm just head bangin' to the music.

For more information you can email L.E.S. at drinkmonkee@aol.com.

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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