Gas Giant Demo 1999 (Denmark)

From Aural Innovations #7 (July 1999)

Gas Giant, formally known as Blind Man Buff, have been on the Danish music scene in one form or another for the last 10 years but have only recently really come together as a band to produce their best, most potent material. The band released a 4 track CD under the name Blind Man Buff in 1997 but this material is a progression in a more heavy and spacey direction. Think Kyuss meets Pink Floyd (in some ways). The demo starts with Never Leave This Way, which takes its opening guitar riff straight out of the KYUSS book, but then proceeds to develop a very heavy groove and Stefan plays some excellent spaced out guitar. Grow is a very different song for the band, starting off sounding a bit like a 70's funk or soul tune, before really taking off. Stefen really gets to show off at the end of the song with a long guitar solo as the groove takes over.. Back on the Headless Track, which has a very spacey effected guitar intro and Jesper's haunting vocals, starts slow then the heavy heavy guitar blasts in and the first guitar solo sounds a lot like David Gilmour. Most of the bands songs are in the 6 minute range, giving the band a lot of room to jam and experiment. Under the Tree is next and this version is a much more laid back version compared to the live version I have heard. The band have changed the ending of the song as well, but the song is one of the more melodic and a good one! Senses sees the band continue in a more laid back groove, before Stefan kicks it up. Super Sun Trigger is one of the band's best songs with a great heavy guitar riff and some excellent effected guitar and more impassioned vocals. The rhythm section of Peter (drums) and Thomas really form an incredible tight groove on these last three numbers. Fire Tripping hits you hard and fast and again shows that this band can stand with the best of the Stoner rock genre! Embrace is a 12 minute epic and is the band's greatest achievement. The tune combines great spacey guitar, passionate singing and a great groove that just takes you away and builds until the song's climax! On the best numbers, Gas Giant take their lessons from Kyuss and push it further into outer space. Stefan is simply brilliant at times, taking the band's sound to the next level of heavy space rock!

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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