...e Tu vivrai nel Terrore (Black Widow BWRCD 025)

From Aural Innovations #6 (April 1999)

Many of you have probably seen this CD listed and were not sure what to expect. This is a double CD or triple LP compilation dedicated to the history of Horror films, of which many of the worlds best were done in Italy by Bava, Fulci, and Argento. It features an incredible roster of artists whom have all performed a piece of music in which they felt described the mood or feeling of a particular horror film. Some of the artists that will be familiar to our readers are Bevis Frond, Sundial, Standarte, Humus, Ankedoten (listed as Morte Macabre), Ars Nova, and Malombra. Most of the artists who have recorded on the Black Widow label have contributed as well, such as The Black, Presence, Abiogenesi, Il Segno del Comando, and Nothwinds. It would take too long to detail all the songs by the 29 different artists, but let's just say that many of the artists are extremely effective at bringing about a specific mood and feeling with their pieces. I have really enjoyed listening to this CD on many occassions. The book is very interesting to read as well as it is a pretty detailed history of horror films, putting a specific emphasis on the italians. A unique release!

For more information you can visit the Black Widow web site.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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