Species-Being - "Yonilicious" (GrauSpace Music/Jamaelot Recordings 1998)

From Aural Innovations #6 (April 1999)

Species Being play a quirky form of instrumental fusion that is wildly everywhere at once, but is clearly structured. As stated on the bands' web page, "Yonilicious is a series of 11 vignettes strewn together to form a continuous non-piece' of music." The music struck me as a cross between Curlew, 70's Washington, DC band The Muffins, and when things get really aggressive... a dash of Dr. Nerve. Oh, and perhaps a sprinkling of Zappa. Yeah, we're way outside spacerock territory. But the music is inventive and kept my attention throughout it's 40 minutes. Species Being is the brainchld of beyond-o-matic member Frank Grau with help from fellow beyond-o's Stenzo and Rev. Fuhry, plus Steve Meicke on sax, Brad Davis on guitar, and Sam Morris on vocals.

The music is strongly percussion based but isn't just a drum-fest. Rev. Furhy came equipped with all his beyond-o-matic toys, and the horns are an important part of the project as well. The music changes pace often, and abruptly, but attention has been paid to giving some sense of flow to these transitions. If the music shares anything in common with beyond-o-matic it's the banquet of wild sounds the pervade the music. If any AI readers are also fans of the Cuneiform label you'll love Species Being.

You can visit Species Being at their web site.

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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