Wir sind Kinder der Revolte Vol. 1, Open Air Burg Herzberg
(Think Progressive 1998, TPCD 1.807.030)

From Aural Innovations #5 (January 1999)

The Burg Herzberg festival is one of Germany and Europe's largest annual outdoor festivals, drawing 10 000 strong to witness everyone from Ozric Tentacles to John Mayall and beyond, since 1991. This CD collects some wonderful psych/kraut/spacerock bands from Burg Herzberg outings spanning 1995-97. Opening with Gong's "Would You Like Some Tea?", basically a wacky 20 minute abbreviated Radio Gnome Trilogy jam, and closing with Man's incredible 10 minute "The Ride And The View", its almost fascinating that these legendary underground bands even exist today, especially as vital and fresh as they all sound here. Guru Guru present "Space Baby" in their usual goofy way, and Hawkwind seem to have some technical problems during "Love In Space" where Ron Tree drops in and out, also being the least interesting of the tracks here. Faust carry on with a spooky, screechy, rhythmic piece called "Allerdings Weit Du", and the equally legendary Embryo provide a sort of jazz-funky "World Music" thing with "Maroc", however its decidedly pretty strange and psychedelic, a lot like being really stoned at a 70's airport lounge, and wearing a white nylon suit two sizes too small...! Chris Karrer (ex-Amon Dl II) takes a similar route in baggier pants, a sort of mideast desert trek of sorts with "Ya Habibi". Finally we let Man take us home, but eagerly awaiting the next volume of this great series!

Reviewed by Christian Mumford

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