Trigon - "2011"
(self-released 2011)

From Aural Innovations #43 (October 2011)

Trigon are a long-lived German trio that consists of Rainer Lange on guitar, Stefan Lange on bass, and Rudi Metzler on drums. 2011 is their latest album and is a combination of new songs and reworked older tracks. Trigon's music is all instrumental and led at all times by Rainer Lange's spellbinding guitar. He's an incredibly expressive lead musician who plays in a heavy psych infused rock style with an underlying jazz foundation. The average Trigon tune is in the 4-6 minute range so this is not about lengthy improvisational jams. Instead, Trigon songs are tightly knit compositions that pack a whallop within a fixed space. Rainer makes the most of the format he's working in, cranking out leads that are often so passionate that I feel like he's pouring his heart out.

Among the standouts on this 13 track set are Tanzen and Dekadenz und Korruption, both excellent examples of Trigon styled rock with a psychedelic edge. Some of the most killer guitar leads are to be heard on Tuckischer Tonterror. Roter Mond and Fata Morgana both cover jazz and psych territory. What's interesting is that they're not a combination of jazz and rock but the way the music shifts between a jazz and rock vibe is what caught my attention. Spacechick Strikes Back is a bouncy power rock tune I enjoyed. Zensation is a high energy rocker with an almost Prog-like flurry of thematic shifts. Raff an Dorte is a tasteful, easy paced tune that rocks out with restraint, and some of the guitar parts sound like a psychedelic version of U2. I like the spacey effects on Herz der Sonne. And Rudi's drums get center stage on Trommeltraum. A solid set that will appeal to anyone who appreciates instrumental heavy rock played by proficient musicians who are more concerned with composition and expression than flash.

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Reviewed by Spaceman33

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