(Not Not Fun Records NNF202)

From Aural Innovations #43 (October 2011)

GNOD is back with a new split 7" with a band I have never heard of called Robedoor. The 7" artwork is a strange hand drawn coloured pencil thing that is pretty cool but damn strange. The 7" also comes with a pretty cool hand drawn green sticker and the word Bored Fortress. Other than that there is no information on the record at all. Gnod is not listed, no label info, year, no writing at all. I played the Robedoor side first and it plays at 33rpm and is a very lo-fi mid paced psychedelic rock number with vocals that you can't really understand as they are quite echoy and far away and the drums, bass and guitar are all quite distorted and distant like a bad audience recording. Only the bass line sort of cuts through the psychedelic sound. Far out stuff. GNOD is next and called A Very Special Request. This track is a sort of slow psychedelic blues track with a very distant vocal as well but a more hi-fi sound but still pretty primitive and spacey. The guitar is very psychedelic and pretty cool and unusual for GNOD. I like this side a lot. I am not sure how many copies of this 7" are made.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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