Grindlestone - "Tone"
(Noh Poetry Records 2011)

From Aural Innovations #43 (October 2011)

Grindlestone is Spirits Burning mainman Don Falcone and Doug Erickson from Zesty Enterprise. OUR FLOOR WITH ALL ITS BELIEFS: Instant out-thereness!! Sincere deep weirdness with Falcone and friends. Experimental industrial space strangeness. PICTURES WE ALMOST TAKE: More loveliness. Don Falcone always releases very quality relevant music. I think experimental music should be conducive to achieving a high state of meditation and to multiple listens and this CD is!!! ELEVATOR MUSIC IN A SILENT HOTEL: Great title and more great music. Not sure what instruments are involved or who's playing what but it all sounds excellent; droney spacey. The fact that mainstream America and even most "alternative" musicians aren't even aware of this genre of music makes it all the more special. FRAGMENTS OF PAST SOUNDS: I run out of words to describe this music but this track is a continuation of the excellence... super intense (without being abrasive) spaceness. LAST DREAMS OF AIR: More, more, more... If you were up for an evening of inner psychedelic exploration this would be the CD for you! Just put it on a loop. ONCE THERE WAS ONLY: When I met Falcone in 1998 he seemed to be musically immersed in a Hawkwind influenced sound but I would have to say this CD is much more evolved and original than that. What I always loved about space rock was the pure essence and realness of musical deep spaceness, as opposed to copying the song structure and stylings of famous space rock bands! THE NICHE IT CARVES: Sounds like a train going into the mountain of madness or space spiritual blissness. Don also always gets a really good, clean sound on his CD's that makes repeated listens a must. THE FASCINATION OF SEMANTICS: And the beat goes on except without the beat, just space weirdness and beauty. The only thing that would make this better would be to have Sharon and Carlton's Book of Shadows adding their layer of space magic on it, are you listening Don? OF ENOUGH IMPORTANCE TO FEAR: Last track, I've run out of words to describe the authentic coolness of these recordings. For me most CD's let me know within 30 seconds why they are not relevant, usually because the music is obviously derivative. But like I've said, this CD passess the test.

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Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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