(Rocket Recordings 2011)

From Aural Innovations #43 (October 2011)

"For us and for our salvation, They came down from Manchester; by the power of Tony's (un)limit, They came to reincarnate and made the last disco'd beat...This holy doctrine sees Gnod take away the sins of the world; it cleanses the incense (the in-sense-out-sense) from the all seeing (third) eye, like a Faustian Butthole Surfers sharing bread with Shit and Shine and John Carpenter turning water into wine".

Yes, the press release tells us that all these things are true. Onto the review!! TONY'S FIRST COMMUNION: Oooh, the intro reminds me of the intro of "Fire" by the original Gnod of Hellfire, Arthur Brown! I wonder if these guys have heard it? I hope so!! Cool steady bass riff, some Cathedral vocals, then some guitar and lastly the drum beat to match the bass. Pretty neat. At 4:12 still doin' the do... almost reminds me of Chrome but not as ominous and otherworldly. At 5:24 the drum stops, some effecta megaphoned vocals and then back to drum and hypno-beat. Geez, I guess band practice isn't so hard for Gnod?!?!? "Hey, drummer dude, just play that same beat you play on every song". At 11:30 starts to become a contest for how long I can listen? Actually, everything sounds pretty cool except the drums. They should really be down in the mix or varied somehow!! The lengthy repetition really nullifies any artistic points the band scores with the guitars, bass etc... Some pretty badass guitar!!! More and more, on and on... these guys would prolly be a trip to see live, especially if you could poke the drummer with a stick to change the beat a little?! At 19 minutes it seems he's trying to get a little fancy with the drum beat. He just seems to be fairly new/primitive at drumming. VATICAN: The second track sounds super wicked ass compared to the first track just because of cool effects put on drums and bass! Where the first track was almost impossible to pay attention to, this track is very engaging. You can't not get into it, the louder the better! Around 9 minutes it starts to be goofy doomy, not a good thing, just now my wife complained about it, "they don't know when to stop". Pre-recorded vocal or just super effected?!? More simple driving (plodding) drums, very 1990! Some cool fuzzed out guitar or something. If you weren't around in 1990, or a little kid then this is prolly the bomb!!?! Also, the whole angry at the church thing is very 20 years ago for alt rock! Yes, everyone's angry, let's move on, to be angry at them is like being angry at politicians, it's just playing their game, feeding/justifying their reality tunnel. Like Darby Crash said, "stay out of my tunnel, whatcha doin' in my tunnel?". Just noticed the simplistic, monotonous keyboard riff to go along with repetitive drums. Vocals sound kinda cool in that you can't really understand any of the cliched anti-religion lyrics. Did I say that the cover art is also very 1990?!?

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Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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