Carlton Melton/Qumran Orphics split LP
(Mid-To-Late Records 2011)

From Aural Innovations #43 (October 2011)

The band Carlton Melton formed in Mendocino County California in 2008. The idea to record improvised psychedelic instrumental music in a geodesic dome had been discussed for many years and finally the opportunity presented itself and here are the results. MARCH OF THE CICADAS: Slow sludgey rock noise with big repetitive drum beat. Not what I was expecting. I guess I was thinkin' it would be some 60's retro singer/songwriter, but I should know that Carltons are usually pretty weird. OK, the question is: is the music interesting, good or original in any way? It's pretty interesting, a wall of sludgey noise goin' on behind the drums. Am I playing this at the right speed? MURDER RIDGE: Already more interesting than the first track because there's no big drum all the way thru the crazy noises going in all directions. Atmospheric noise... now here comes the drum, not as loud as on the first track tho. Pretty cool squal of pleasant experimental guitar.

Qumran Orphics is a collective from San Francisco featuring members of Hans Keller along with Steve Barnes, Mark Mullins and Phil Herz. QUMRAN ORPHICS, LIVE AT THE BLANK CLUB 5-22-10: Starts with guitar growl and some moaning vocals. Ooohh, spooky... or it's supposed to be!??! Now some synth burblin'... kinda sounds like a bad acid trip. I can't understand what language this is?!?! Maybe it's a made up language?? The big drone with "in agony" vocals. Starts to get samey pretty quick. Remember this is the whole side B of the album. This might have been a good show to be at, but for listening back not so interesting. The vocalist seems quite upset about something. Maybe The Blank Club cut off his bar tab!??! And, like I said, I haven't understood a word of it!! He's possibly possessed by demons??? And it's over, leaving me a bit underwhelmed.

For more information you can visit the Carlton Melton web site at:

Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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