Vespero - "By the Waters of Tomorrow"
(RAIG 2010, R058)

Heavily drenched with 70's improvisational space, Vespero are very much in the sound and style of krautrock band Kollectiv, full to the brim with avant-garde, freak out experimental meanderings that drive with purpose throughout the sixty plus minutes of pure chaotic beauty.

There is a jazzy element here that makes me think of Kollectiv straight away, but with synthesizers, which I love! It is spacey, earthy, raw, solid, and it moves rapid in places, reaching chaos easily almost Amon Düül II in nature, while seeming Pink Floyd in others. We also have flavors of Hawkwind here and there.

The whole thing is very much 70's improvisation, soaked in organ, synthesizer, and guitar wailing lead lines. It is up-tempo and lively as we progress through the tracks, and there are a number of stand out pieces on here for me, namely Amaryllis and Gao Zuh. Both these tracks are fantastic!

On the whole, when we are not in full freak out mode, there is always a feeling that is where we will end up sooner or later, and once each track begins to progress through its phases we are confirmed by the end that we are right.

The phases of up and down are perfect, never over doing it, never staying in one place for too long, always progressing, always rolling… Freak out here we come… Excellent stuff.

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Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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