Siscoe - "Northernmost Woe"
(Grotto Mimosa 2010, GM002)

Done in the Damien Youth style, dark and somber throughout its three tracks, Northernmost Woe is most certainly woe, it's practically suicidal.

The tracks are acoustic in essence. They are dark sounding songs, and they are all very similar in their style and execution as they flow mellow and soft, yet they make you feel overpowered with sorrow and sadness. This is where the Damien Youth similarities begin, but I feel that Siscoe is not as pagan/spiritual lyrically as Youth, but he is equally as strange sounding.

This should be classed as an EP as it is only twelve minutes long, but that is plenty time to get an understanding of the music of Siscoe and his method for songwriting. It comes from the other side of the tracks, the side where things are moldy. The side that is always gray… But we're still a living so everything's OK!

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Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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