Orvis Otto - "Dust Attracts its Kin"
(Grotto Mimosa 2010, GM004)

From Aural Innovations #42 (May 2011)

Orvis Otto is a live improvisational recording project with no electronics, effects or overdubs.

You start and I'll join in! Come on don't be shy… Anything goes… No really! Anything goes… Are we rolling?

Its sound is somber, almost depressed. It seems slow and departed from the world of the living, not quite sure what to do.

Come on lets go in search of space!, the voice calls out passionately.

Maybe we could just pluck these few depressing chords for a while!'

But… Oh forget it… PAs with all improvised stuff it is an acquired taste and at times it tests your patience when there is nothing solid to grab onto, but when there is something there it can be interesting.

There are two tracks on here, both of which are twenty-five minutes or so long. Both of which are based mainly on acoustic guitar chords and violin to begin with, before progressing through the noise phases and the banging phase. There is also piano, vibraphone and chimes tinkling in places, and on the whole it all sounds like The Penguin Café Orchestra tuning up and sound checking, which is a complement.

Not into it sadly, it is too one paced with not enough happening musically for me, but I know that there are those out there who love this type of stuff… It's just not for me…

For more info contact: http://www.grottmimosa.com

Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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