Magnificent Brotherhood - "Dope Idiots"
(World In Sound 2010, WIS-2606)

From Aural Innovations #42 (May 2011)

When I noticed that this title was released on the World In Sound label, I figured that I would most likely get a lot out of 'Dope Idiots'. I do know for a fact that I've reviewed a couple of other Word In Sound titles in past issues of Aural Innovations. Band comes from Berlin, Germany. I've seen at least one other CD title by the Magnificent Brotherhood available on the Internet. The twelve track 'Dope Idiots' most definitely has a San Francisco-like '60's vibe to it - best described as 21st century European psychedelic. Tunes I could barely get enough of include the title cut "Dope Idiots", the total ass-kicking "All Because Of You", the oldies-sounding "Too Much", the inspiring "Last Song About You", the tripping "Psychosis", "Upside Down" and the rocking "Surrender". Plenty of fuzz guitar, swirling organ and superb playing are put to full use with this import CD that gives the listener(s) a most memorable punk vibe. Their musical influences are clearly some great '60's bands that came many light years ahead of them like - the Music Machine, The Seeds, Electric Prunes and the Count Five. Line-up: Kiryk Drewinski - guitar & vocals, Jan Rohrbach - bass, Erik Haegert - organ, e-piano & vocals and Lars Puder - drums. Personally, I would recommend this CD for fans - of the Blues Magoos, Stoned Circus, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Syndicate of Sound and possibly the White Stripes, Purple Overdose, the Fuzztones and the Flying Eyes. Ideal to play at a late-night get-together of friends and acquaintances that are true fans of psych.

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Reviewed by Mike Reed

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