Dragontears - Loppen, Christiania 2/4/11

From Aural Innovations #42 (May 2011)

I did not know before coming to the show that this would be the last Dragontears concert in Copenhagen. The band are playing two more in Jylland and the two at Roadburn and then giving this band project a rest. Lucky for us, Spids Nøgenhat will return later this year. Anyway, I met up with a lot of friends on this night and hung out with the band, whom I was originally going to make some space sounds with but I have been too busy with work to make the rehearsals, etc. Anyway, I will be a special guest and join them at Roadburn on a few tracks.

I guess there were about 150 people and the crowd in the front was totally into it. The band was on fire playing a really high energy space rock style concert. Zeppo’s visuals were top class as always. The band played all the songs except one from the new record, which was cool but Lorenzo had no organ on this tour. Lots of guitars! The volume was extremely loud in the front but very good sound. I have not heard the recording yet. Anyway, they started with a spaced out 10min intro jam thing and went into Time of No Time, My Friend and a high energy Two Tongue Talk (great song and groove). Neonheaded Demon was a huge surprise from one of the Pandemonica 12” records. Very cool. Masters of War was next with the 12 string guitar and I think Guf’s version is more powerful than the original. An amazing rendition. Starvation/Salvation was next and has this hypnotic groove that reminded me of Psychedelic Warlords by Hawkwind. The second part, Salvation had a Wooden Shjips like vibe. The band only played one song from the first Dragontears record, Hobbittens Drøm but it is a great spaced out track. Several songs in Danish were also performed but the most powerful track of the night was the monster version of Sunrise straight into Master of the Universe by Hawkwind. Wow. That was super cool. We have to do that at Roadburn! The long track, Mennesketvilling from the new record ended the regular set. The encore was the old Spids Nøgenhat track, Psykedelisk Tapet. I thought they were done but they performed another old track, Spindelvæv to end this long and amazing show. I truly was blown away. This is one of the best psychedelic rock bands on the planet!

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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