Cuzo - "Otros Mundos"
(Alone Records 2010, AR-030CD)

From Aural Innovations #42 (May 2011)

From Spain, Cuzo are Jaume L. Pantaleon guitar and effects, Alvaro Gallego on bass and Pep Caravante on drums. "Cuzo explores contemporary psychedelic from a viewpoint of psych rock and heavy rock today (for us this is Voivod, Mammatus and Zombie, and it is Pelican Baroness)." PUNTO CERO DE LA GALAXIA: Cool intro of backwardsness into drum rock riffage then into the big rawk sound. Pretty great, hearing some Blue Cheer, the guitarist also does sound effects. No vocals yet. DEL MAS ALLA: Well done uptempo hard rock, screaming guitar and pounding drums. COCHE IMAGINARIO: Some synth sounding guitar with cool drum and bass riffage... all instrumental so far. I bet these guys tear it up live! NI VIVOS NI MUERTOS: More monster rawk, more Blue Cheer riffage. I keep waiting for "I been sitting over here on Parchment Farm" but Cuzo aren't primitive sounding hardrock musicians, these guys are super tight and wicked ass. It's like what Cuzo says in their press release - "Music non-designed, most well developed for restless ears. With a cinematic touch developmental (perfect for any horror with an air 70's) live between the prog and psych and serve as the perfect soundtrack to a long postnuclear journey." ROBOTS EN MOVIMIENTO: The slow one... I can't say that this CD is breaking any new artistic/music ground but it's a nice hard rockin' CD that's always pleasant and interesting.... trippy sound effects on this one... sounds like a band I would have passed out to in a corner of a packed club in 1993 while my spirit floated overhead and heard every note very precisely. MUTANTE CONTINUO: More uptempo instrumental prog metal groovage. I hear some Syd era Pink Floyd riffs!?!?!? And then it's over...

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Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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