White Hills - "White Hills"
(Thrill Jockey, LP)

From Aural Innovations #41 (October 2010)

The new White Hills is pretty damn cool. Great silver artwork on the limited edition vinyl, which also comes with a code for a one time download of the 3 extra tracks that are not on the LP but only on the CD. I am not sure if you get a download coupon with the CD to download the LP only track or not. Anyway, this is probably the best of the full length White Hills records. It is hard to know which side is which since both sides have 3 tracks and there is no A and B on the labels, only some cool artwork. The side with the Eye starts off with a short spacey piece, which I guess is In Circles , that leads into Three Quarters, which kicks things into hard rocking spaced out guitar driven repetitive rock song. This is a very cool track and has a killer distorted twisted guitar sound and really goes out there when Dave starts to solo. They played this one live when we saw them on the Europe March 2010 tour. The side ends with Get the Right One In, a very spacey instrumental space out track that slowly builds up. The next side begins hard and heavy with Dead. A great bass line, very spaced out vocal and in your face guitar dominate the track as it goes up and down in intensity and even explodes. In Circles is a track with acoustic guitar and with a spacey drone haunting the background. It reminds me a bit of stuff from Pink Floyd's Meddle. A very nice track. Poluere de Stelle features Chris Carlone on vocals. This is a long track that again slowly builds up and starts with a heavy bass line that slowly fades back into the mix as the vocal and guitar gains in intensity. Great way to end the record. The 3 non-LP tracks are also pretty cool, with two spacey ones and one intense one. Great work.

For more information you can visit the White Hills web site at: http://www.myspace.com/whitehills

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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