Sveriges Kommuner och Landsling - "Orosvisor" (Kommun2:8, LP)

From Aural Innovations #41 (October 2010)

SKL is a new Swedish psychedelic band from Malmö. I am not sure who all the people are that played on this record but Kaufmann (Bland Bladen/Oresund Space Collective) plays drums on some tracks, Tobias (owner of the Kommun2 label plays bass and flutes), but I am unsure of the rest. Johan Dahlstrom from First Band From Outer Space mastered the record. The pretty cool inner sleeve does not have any information about the band but some sentences in Swedish about the capitalist system and other political statements. A very positive message. There is no web site that I am aware of for this project but you can buy the limited edition vinyl at the link below. How to describe this stuff? Each side has 3 tracks. Side A starts with Afghanistan, followed by Björndans från Skåne and Halvspolska från Forshaga. Afghanistan is a melodic psychedelic track with some cool organ playing dominating but some psychedelic guitar jamming in the background as well. It is a very cool jam. Björndans från Skåne starts with some fiddle and drums before the Hammond and wah guitar kicks in. The song is quite melodic and psychedelic. There is even someone singing a melody along in the background. Halvspolska från Forshaga has a folky Swedish feel to it and ends side A. Kristallen den Fina starts side B with a solo violin but then becomes very psychedelic when the rest of the band joins but the track fades out after 2-3 minutes. An unfinished idea? Vi sälde våra hemmen is a long track and starts off slowly and sounds a bit like the last track on side A. There is a quite psychedelic guitar solo. This track is quite stoney and spaced out. Värvinder friska ends the vinyl record. If you like psychedelic music with a Swedish folky influence, check this out. Limited to 300 copies on vinyl only.

For more information you can visit the Motljud web site at:

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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